American Pet Hotel & Dog Training owners 2

 We are committed to giving the one-on-one attention needed to keep your pets safer, healthier and happier than anyone else in a friendly, secure environment they love. All our guests get lots of one-on-one, human contact, and tons of individual walks, belly rubs, ears scratches and kisses. Trust is everything.

With over thirty-years of experience in pet care and professional dog training, our philosophy and commitment is to treat every dog and cat guest as if they were our own. Whether the stay is for a few days, a few weeks, or for training, it is important every pet is safe, healthy, and happy. It is equally important all of our clients feel like friends and are comfortable with the personal attention and care we give to their pets. We provide the ultimate experience for each dog and cat while giving you the peace of mind knowing your pet is safe, healthy and happy.

So, don’t be surprised when we get excited to see your dog or cat come in to vacation with us. American Pet Hotel is a proud supporter of the SPCA & ASPCA. Because we love animals!