REVIEWS See what our valued customers have found valuable about their American Pet Hotel & Dog Training experience.

“I brought my Labrador Retriever to American Pet Hotel for obedience training.  The training was great!  Before training, I could not take my dog out for walks, she was to wild and strong.  My best friend took her dog to APH & couldn’t say enough positive things about the place.  Ira was very reassuring and promised me I would be able to walk Daisy.  I had my doubts.  But, when I picked up Daisy I was speechless when Ira demonstrated the training to me.  I thought sure she would listen to him, but what about me?  When it was my turn to take her through the commands, I was just amazed by how great she listened to me.  It has been about three months and Daisy is just about the best dog anyone could have.  Thanks to Ira and all the sweet people at APH.”
– Daisy’s mom- Kelly N.

“APH is a wonderful place to board your dog.  I was very apprehensive when I took Bailey in.  By the time I left I felt really comfortable, and so did Bailey.  They emailed me pictures of Bailey playing and on walks. There was no problem leaving his own food and bed.  I liked how they stressed that Bailey’s health and safety was their number one concern.  It showed when I picked him up.  He was happy, health and clean, thanks to the complimentary bath he got!”
– Bailey’s mom – Ann R.

“We were looking for a place to leave our dog Fred, our beautiful golden doodle.  We toured a few boarding kennels and decided upon American Pet Hotel.  What attracted us to APH, was how friendly and caring everyone was.  And how clean the kennel was.  Our dog’s first time boarding was for ten days.  When we got back, it was obvious he had been very well taken care of.  Since his first stay, we have continued to us APH and we have nothing but praise for them.”
– Fred’s dad & mom – Ryan & Miriam S.

“My experience with APH for my two cats, Titus and Hercules, has been excellent.  I am a long time client and my cats have been guests for years.  The staff is professional and caring.  The ‘kitty condos’ as they call them, are safe, yet an entertaining lodging setup for them.  I would recommend APH to anyone interested in boarding their pet.”
– Titus & Hercules’ dad – Henry D

“When I got my new puppy Lola, I looked forward to walking with her.  I just assumed all dogs like to walk.  I was wrong, this little Yorkie liked to take a few steps and lay down.  My husband would quickly move in and begin carrying her.  (Who was being trained in this picture?)  I met with Ira at APH and he recommended Obedience Training.  He trained Lola and suggested I get a comfortable and well-fitting harness and leash.  The few times she tried her old habit of taking a few steps and lying down, I used the commands Ira had taught Lola and I.  She got the message and now walks without being pulled or lying down.  She proudly walks along side me on our morning walks.  Both of us have benefited from APH’s training and our daily exercise.”
– Lola’s mom – Kay R.

I did not want to EVER board my cat…

But I do not regret having to do so now! Because our cat sitter canceled on us, my husband and I had to quickly find a trustworthy place for our beloved kitty to stay for two weeks. It was very hard to leave our Lola, but when we got back from vacation, we did not regret it at all! Lola seemed SO HAPPY, well taken care of, and I think she even learned a new trick 🙂

American Pet Hotel even sent us REGULAR EMAIL UPDATES with plenty of PHOTOS so we could see what Lola was up to while we were away. They really got to know her personality, which shows me how much they care about their clients and business. Now, we are not afraid to go on more “weekend getaways” knowing we have a place where our cat will be very happy. This place is also great because they accommodated Lola’s special diet (which is kind of tedious since it is a raw food diet), and let her bring her favorite toys from home. It is VERY SUITABLE FOR CATS as they have an entirely separate section for them away from the dogs. You can’t even hear any dogs barking. This reduces stress on the cats. It is a GREAT PRICE for what they offer. We checked out other places that were more expensive but we were far more impressed with American Pet Hotel. Another big factor in our deciding is that this place did not have ANY odor, whereas all the other places smelled of cat urine or litter boxes.

All in all, Lola didn’t seem mad at us for leaving her- which some cats do and hold a grudge! Ira, Mary, Jackie, Jessi, Selene, Christine and Maria are all wonderful people that truly care about the well being of animals.
Love this place!
— Lola’s mom – Nicole R.

This is the best pet hotel ever! Our 4 dogs were with them for over 3 months and they were very well taken care of. The owners, Ira and Mary and the entire staff were so accommodating and helpful. They are an amazing team! The entire team truly love what they do and it shows in the way they care for our boys. Our two big boys — Zeus and Cronus – learned so much from Ira. Our little ones, Marty and Mickey were always happy when we dropped them off and they always ran to Kendra or Jessi when they arrive. Our boys were truly at home. Thank you so much for treating and caring for our boys like your own. I’m sure they will miss all of you!

My girlfriend and I were having a difficult time tracking down a first-time boarder for our rescued pitbull-mix, Khloe; that is, until we discovered American Pet Hotel. We knew from our first interaction over the phone with Ira that she would be in good hands. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and, above all else, caring. Khloe isn’t the easiest dog to take care of and she was treated like royalty. Even after a little dewclaw mishap (which was treated without issue at the nearby VCA), Khloe left with a big smile on her face. We will definitely use American Pet Hotel in the future and gladly recommend it to our friends.
— Cronus, Zeus, Marty, & Mickey’s mom – Rita V.